Palermo Real Estate Professionals' property management division markets and manages properties in mainly South Tampa, but extends to Pinellas County, Pasco County and southern Hillsborough County. 

Owner Services Include:

  • Professionally marketing your property on both nation-wide and local channels

  • Conducting background, reference, and credit checks on all potential tenants

  • Collection of monthly rents from tenants

  • Short turnaround times to get monthly checks to property owners

  • Monthly reports and invoices sent out to property owners

  • Both scheduled and impromptu inspections of your home to ensure it is being maintained properly

  • Move in inventory to ensure accurate records are kept for both the tenant and property owner

  • Move out inspection of your home to ensure it will be ready for the next tenant

  • After hours services will be provided for tenant emergencies so your home will be taken care of at all hours, 365 days a year

  • One stop shop- If you decide you would like to sell your home at any time, Palermo Real Estate Professionals will be able to walk you through the transition from landlord to seller


When do I get my rent check?

Rent checks are collected from tenants on the first of every month. Once the checks are received, they will be deposited by the end of the next business day. Monthly rental income can be sent via check or Electronic Funds Transfer and are typically done between day 7-10 of the month.

What happens if my house becomes vacant?

**Our goal is to have your property occupied as soon as possible after it is vacated.** It will be required for tenants to give at least a 30 day notice when they plan to vacate your property. Once we receive the 30 day notice, we will begin to market your property on,,, MLS (a system that is available to thousands of realtors), and other popular search engines. Once the tenant moves out of your property, an inspection will be done within 24 business hours. Any repairs or updates will be suggested at this time. At times, there may be a situation that will not allow for a 30 day notice- in this instance, as soon as we determine the tenant is moving out, we will begin marketing to ensure your unit does not stay vacant for long.

How are tenants screened?

We realize that late payments, vacant units, and unreliable tenants all hurt your profits as a property owner. Every applicant will be required to fill out a rental application, provide references, and go through a credit, background, and eviction check. These steps help to ensure rent checks are received on time more often.

How long will it take to rent my property?

Our goal is to have your property rented out as soon as possible. We will need some time to ensure the property is in move-in condition for the next tenant. We understand that time is money, so we strive to fill your property as quickly as possible. We work on commission, so when your unit is not occupied, we don't get paid either.

How often are inspections performed?

The first inspection will occur when the property is listed with Palermo Real Estate Professionals. The next inspection will occur as a walk thru with the new tenant prior to moving day. There will be a final inspection that will happen once the tenant moves out or when the lease is renewed to ensure it is in top shape.

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