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The Northern Pinellas County is a beauty and a sight to behold. Apopular location for new home buyers or settlers and even tourists. What's more, From a beautiful beach view to the finest restaurants around, you will be thrilled by the many activities that awaits you and your loved ones here in the northern Pinellas County real estate area. 
Are you a lover of beaches?  Then you have just made the best choice by choosing to live here, and I promise you are going to love it here.Honeymoon Island and Caladesi Island are two of the highest rated beaches in the United States. If you are on vacation to theHoneymoon Island with your family, a lot of fun and breathtaking experience awaits you, along with a variety of mouth-watering meals to enjoy at the cafes. The restrooms and showers are regularly cleaned and the beach has a lot of employees taking care and getting rid of trash in sight. You also have the  Clearwater Beach inFlorida, which presents its guests with gorgeous and Clearwater, as the name suggest. A string of classic restaurants and plenty of peaceful sandy beaches to relax and have. Courtesy of The Gulf of Mexico, you have the opportunity to enjoy some boating, jet skiing, and fishing. Just make a choice, renting from a variety of boating collections.  You and your friends,  will surely love the experience of sightseeing and watching the sunset!

When you are ready to leave the beach, don't just hop and go, you can round your fun by doing some shopping at the popular Clearwater Mall and pick up some groceries, clothes or more sun block and pool toys and whatever catches your fancy. With a bigmall in Countryside, Florida serves you, lots and more of your favorite stores where you just can stroll indoors to cool off with an ice cream cone or any iced drink of your choice while also avoiding the sun. These malls hold a wide range of variety to hold both adults and kids spellbound. You will definitely find something worth spending your morning on. It's never a dull moment here, and we can guarantee you will always want to come back.

North Pinellas County is not just about beach fun and sight seeing but also home to the historic Tarpon Springs real estate, Dunedin real estate and Safety Harbor real estate regions. These places (Tarpon Springs, Florida and Lake Tarpon) are well known for their Greek life, atmosphere and historic sponge docks. Take a visit to the gift shops and have yourself a delicious and satisfying meal at any of the cafes over-looking Lake Tarpon, located in the East Lake real estate region. Take your time to enjoy some Scottish music and learn the Scottish cultural heritage in downtown Dunedin, Florida. And if you are a lover of antique collection and you enjoy quiet and old fashioned towns, we suggest you make a stop at the Safety Harbor real estate, located south of the Oldsmar real estate and Palm Harbor real estate communities. This is a relaxation center for a lot of celebrities who need a place to chill and clear their heads. TheSafety Harbor Resort and Spa is a place of peaceful and calm ambiance.  At the northern Pinellas County, there is something for everyone.

Lover of sports? Then watchthe minor leagues baseball teams in Clearwater, FL, and Dunedin, FL.  The facilities of these two minor leagues are the spring training homes of the Philadelphia Phillies and the Toronto Blue Jays. Stop by anytime at the restaurants and grab yourself a bite before the games begin and end your evening by celebrating their victories at a quiet coffee cafe or a vibrant nightclub and bar.  

There you have, it a lot of really cool reasons to relocate to real estate in Pinellas County. What are you waiting for? Start making memories with your family here today by contacting one of our Real Estate Realtors!


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