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Davis Islands real estate is located on two islands in Hillsborough County, FL. Its location on the water, as well as its scenic view of the Port of Tampa, makes it one of the more popular areas in which to live. The two man-made islands which comprise Davis Islands were once known as the Little Grassy Key and the Big Grassy Key. They were formed in the 1920's and soon thereafter purchased by a Tampa native and developer named D.P. Davis, who planned to build a resort community. Many of the Mediterranean-style structures that were first built there still remain and have even received national Historic Designation. A canal splits the island in half, which is why the area is known as the plural Davis Islands. Davis Islands real estate has been popular for years as evidenced by the homes built by celebrities in the area such as baseball player Derek Jeter, football player Brad Culpepper, and hockey player Vincent Lecavalier.

Shopping and Dining

Although residents of Davis Islands can easily make their way across the water to Tampa in order to enjoy the hundreds of restaurant and shopping options located there, there are also plenty of choices in Davis Islands. There is also great variety of restaurants means that regardless of what residents are in the mood for, there’s a something nearby that will satisfy their fancy. Some of the dining options located nearby Davis Islands real estate include Island’s Pizza, Molly Malone’s Irish Pub, Farrell’s On the Island, Margaritas Mexican Restaurant, Grecian Island Restaurant, and Thai Island to name a few. There are also a handful of shops located in the area, including Kuba Cigars, Serendipity Accents & Gifts, Davis Islands Pharmacy, and the TeBella Tea Company. Davis Islands residents can also choose to venture into Tampa to explore nearby Hyde Park Village, featuring seven blocks of restaurants and retail stores.

Parks and Recreation

There are plenty of recreational opportunities near Davis Islands. Because Davis Islands is surrounded by water, residents can easily go for a boat ride whenever it fancies them. Accessibility to the water makes it easy to spend a relaxing afternoon fishing, or to simply go swimming during the warmer days of summer. Davis Islands is also home to the Davis Islands Yacht Club, a provide club that hosts a variety of sailing races and provides members with wet and dry slips, a boathouse, club house and swimming pool. There’s also plenty to do on land. One of the more popular parks located in Davis Islands is the Davis Islands Park. Here, residents can make use of the ball fields, play courts, children’s playground, picnic shelter, and restrooms. Residents who own a dog will want to take it to the newly renovated Davis Islands Dog Beach. The dog beach boasts artificial reef modules, plenty of seating, enclosed fences, and adequate sand to prevent shore erosion.


The population of Davis Islands is 5,747 according to the 2010 census. Residents of Davis Islands enjoy a high quality of life, as evidenced by the $57,785 income per capita, which is more than twice the $28,362 income per capita of Tampa. The average household income is $88,751, again more than twice the amount of Tampa’s average household income, which is $43,117, although not quite twice the amount of Florida’s average household income of $49,534. The unemployment rate was only 3.4 percent in 2000 and although unemployment rates went up over the next decade, odds are it was relatively stable in Davis Islands, especially considering the current 3.5 percent poverty level, which is way below the level of both Tampa’s poverty level of 18.1 percent and the entire state’s poverty level of 13.1 percent. The majority of residents living on Davis Islands work in business and financial operations, sports, media and entertainment, or sales and office occupations.

Schools, Health & Transportation

Davis Islands belongs to the Hillsborough County Public School District, which serves K-12. The nearest schools to Davis Islands real estate include Gorrie Elementary School, Rampello Magnet School, Wilson Middle School and Blake High School, all of which are within a mile of Davis Islands.Residents of Davis Islands are served by the Tampa General Hospital, which is located on the northern most part of Davis Islands, right by downtown Tampa. Tampa General Hospital is one of the largest hospitals in the state and provides 1,018 beds for patients that are cared for by around 6,600 employees.Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority (HART) provides public transportation on Davis Islands and throughout Tampa. Peter O. Knight airport located on Davis Islands provides business and private air service and commercial flights are available at the Tampa International Airport.

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