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This Island is a tropical barrier Island paradise situated just off the Southwest Coast of Florida's Cape Haze. Located halfway between Sarasota and Ft. Myers at the mouth of Charlotte Harbor, Little Gasparilla Island benefits from the cool tropicalbreezes in the summer and the warm sunshine in the winter. There used to be separate Islands: Palm Island, Knight Island, Don Pedro Island and Little GasparillaIsland. The Islands became one, following a storm in the 60s which shut the passes, with Little Gasparilla being the southernmost.

Another good thing about this Island is that there are no roads and no cars or traffic on LGI. The Island offers 7 miles of beautiful, serene beach unspoiled by either seawalls or high-rises. North of Little Gasparilla Island now is the Don Pedro State Park. During the summer, the beach is a nesting spot, which provides safety and shelter for endangered sea turtles which lay their eggs in the warm sand near the dunes.

The prehistoric shark teeth dotted shell on the Island are among the most plentiful on the West Coast and the beaches and free for the collection. The best time to go shell hunting is just before low tide and after a storm. Make sure to check the high tide lines where the surf often tosses the largest shells. The sandbars serve as home to sand dollars, whelks, starfish and conchs.

Little Gasparilla Island is pet-friendly, andyou are very likely to come across friendly dogs walking the beach with their owners. This was one of the major significance of our trip to LGI. (Dogs are to be kept under control by their owners, so they do not constitute a nuisance to the public, and you must pick up after your dog.) Mostly, Little Gasparilla offers privacy and tranquility and an unmatched sense of peace not found at many Florida vacation spots, a unique and unparalleled "old Florida" experience still flourishing today. Some days,  you can walk the beach for hours without coming in contact with anyone. Nevertheless,  Island neighbors are most friendly and always willing to offer a helping hand. There is a quaint Island chapel which offers non-denominational services from time to time and which has been the site of memorable Island weddings. Although, there are golf cart rentals available on the Island from LGI Carts for scenic tours however, most individuals would rather stroll through the lovely sandy pathways with tropical overhanging flowers and palms. I guess it’s a way of taking in the beautiful scene.

The egret and osprey, rare white pelicans, blue herons, are birds that can easily be spotted by bird watchers and even the occasional bald eagle. The waters are rich with manatees and dolphins and the waves are gentle and calming and perfect for floating on a raft. The bottom is mostly white sand. You can always see sand dollars off the sand bar.

Whether you are fishing from either the dock or the beach it can serve as a daily entertainment β€” and a hearty meal depending on your luck, and at the end of a long day, a breathtaking sunset over the Gulf of Mexico gently eases and sway you into the evening.

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