What Do Great Schools Mean For Homebuyers?

Hillsborough County Schools open their doors for the 2016-2017 school year on August 10th. That means summer break has come to an end for those who cherish it most...teachers. Melinda Dickens is a 4th grade teacher at Grady Elementary School. Melinda shared with us that she has toured her classroom and is ready to start the new school year. She said that while every year brings new challenges, her students are always inspirational and motivating! 

So, how is the new school year related to our work over here in real estate?

91% home buyers surveyed indicated that school boundaries were important to them.

It seems the answer to this questions works both ways. While we see that homes in great school districts tend to sell for higher prices than those that are not, it could be said that test scores are typically higher in schools close to affluent communities. 

What does this mean? 

Since school districts today are so strict on their boundaries, you may find yourself giving up a bedroom or even a pool just to be in “that school district”. This should be somewhat less of a consideration for young couples as a lot can change in those first few years before your future child runs off to elementary school. A promotion could send you off to another city or perhaps the school district changes the boundary right under your noses! However, if you are moving with school-age children and know for a fact they will be guaranteed a desired school, perhaps shopping for a school district should carry more weight. 

What if I do not have kids?

Many still believe that good schools can be a key indicator towards other characteristics of a community. Therefore, an evaluation of the local school districts should be a factor in everyone’s home buying search.  Simply because you do not have kids (thus making school districts unimportant to you) does not mean future buyers of your home may be in a completely different situation.  Simply put, schools and school districts affect a home’s resale value!

Local Back-to-School Info

If you’re looking to get into the back-to-school spirit, then check out some of these local events and specials!

Tampa Bay Parenting is hosting its 8th annual Back to School Fair at Westshore Plaza on August 6. More details… 

The Florida Tax Holiday will run from August 5 to August 7. Take this opportunity to stock on school clothes, and school supplies (it even extends to Amazon!) Find out what’s included

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